Total Nothingness

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Regimental Records

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Hidden Marly

Slipcase cover

Hidden Marly

Tracks :
1. Behind The Door

2. Dawn

3.Worthless Almighty 

4. Pain

5. Verschlinger

6. Dark

7. Nothing

video :

info :

Recorded at Electric studio .  First release by Sad on 50 hand numbered tapes for promotional reasons only,then in 2006 it was released through Regimental Records on CD (1000 copies,sold out!) and re-released on tape through Wulfrune Worxxx Records.Logo by Ungod , Artwork by Josheph.

After nine years from its first release Total Nothingness was re-released in two limited edition releases 2016 through  Hidden Marly Productions , in a Slipcase CD release with different artwork and in a regular CD release with Obi!