A Curse In Disguise

CD cover

Regimental Records

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Inner Voice Records

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Amor Fati Productions

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Hidden Marly

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Hidden Marly

Tracks :

1. Forgotten Existence

2. Chaos Return

3. Beyond the Great Suffering

4. Afterdeath Punishment

5.  Silent Night , Pagan Night

6. True Evil Lies In The Hearts Of The Children

7. Alone I Walk The Dark Paths

8. Death Be My Redeemer

info :

Recorded  at Fragile Sound Studios,Mixed and mastered by Vaggelis Gialamas at Fragile Studio,produced by Vaggelis Gialamas and Sad. Once again released through Regimental Records in 2007 on CD (1000 copies,sold out again!).After a few months the album was re-released on 200 tapes through Inner Voice Records and in the middle of the year 2010 it was released on 500 vinyls through Amor Fati Productions!

Logo designed by Ungod,Layout by Regimental Records.

All music by Ungod,all lyrics by Nadir.

Re-released in 2016 in two limited edition releases 2016 through  Hidden Marly Productions , in a Slipcase CD release with different artwork and in a regular CD release with Obi!