Sad (Total Nothingness (Demo))


February 23 2023
"Unholy Devastating Trinity" will be the title of SAD's new Split CD with HOR!
Coming Soon through Metal Throne Productions!
Click the YouTube link below for a taste!


August 30 2022

The recordings of SAD's part for a new split are now complete! Stay tuned for more info.

November 15  2020 

Sad's 7th full length album " Misty Breath of Ancient Forests" has been released through Purity Through Fire!

January 20 2020
Due to unforeseen cancellation of Possession for this years Under the Pagan Moon fest, the Line-up has changed to Kawir, Sear Bliss, Temple of Evil and Melan Selas!
Same place, same time! 

January 15 2020
SAD will be a part of this year's Under the Pagan Moon fest...
Along with Kawir, Possession, Temple of Evil and Melan Selas!
On February 1st, at Gagarin 205, Athens.

February 8 2019
Recordings for the next album have begun....
Stay tuned for more info....

July 23 2018

Existence to Serve the Creation (Not the Creator)

new split CD with

released through

November 9 2017

Guided by the Chants From the Other Side
New Split CD with Domos..released today through Metal Throne Productions

December 23 2016

New t-shirt, printed through Metal Throne Productions! In limited 50 pieces!

November 1 2016

Sad Live in December 18th 2016 at B.U.M.S. Club.
For info please visit Metal Throne Productions!  

August 2 2016

Sad Live in 18th of September! at Kyttaro club...

May 14 2016

"Utter Nihil Worship" has now been released through Drakkar Productions on DigiCD, with a small poster size Booklet w/ silver ink!

Januar 21 1016
"Total Nothingness" and "A Curse In Disguise" are about to be re-released through Hidden Marly Productions in two different limited edition releases each, with different artwork both in a Slipcase release and a regular one with Obi!

November 7 2015
Ungod's Metal Throne Productions has released a split CD of Sad with Sarkrista,
limited in 300 copies, entitled "Fury of The Doomsday Apostles" .
Listen to it here!

"Utter Nihil Worship" is now ready and send on to Drakkar Productions to be released!!!
We are proud to have Incarnatus as a guest vocalist in one of this album's track!

September 5 2015
SAD have now signed with Drakkar productions for the 6th full length album entitled "Utter Nihil Worship"...

21 July 2015
New mini CD with four new tracks was released through Obscure Abhorrence!
12 APRIL 2014
Live in Kavala with Slaughtered Priest / Twillight / Empathie / Kawir
in May 16 at the Technological Educational Institute!
06 JUNE 2013
METAL THRONE PRODUCTIONS   has released a split 7'' EP of SAD with PAGAN HELLFIRE entitled "Under Victorious Horizons" in limited 300 handnumbered copies!

04 November 2012
Fallen Angels Productions has released a box set with four tapes and a t-shirt in limited 33 copies!

20 October 2012
New SAD t-shirt...Printed by Metal Throne Productions!

August  2012
In October 27 of 2012 SAD are proudly supporting NECROPHOBIC for their first  time in Greece
at An club in Athens!!!

24 June 2012

Site updated...more shall come!

20 October 2011

Live Cancelled.

 Unfortunately Sad had to cancel their gig supporting Gehenna due to

unforeseen circumstances. We are sorry for any inconvenience.


3 September 2011

Sad's first gig in Athens supporting Gehenna from Norway along with Slaughtered Priest

will take place in 29/10/2011 at  An club!


22 May 2011

 SAD have entered studio in order to record 4 new tracks for the upcoming

split CD with the Norwegian cult band HORDAGAARD which is going to be

released through a Mexican label called Azermedoth records.


19 May 2011

 Death Cult records is going to release a split 7' ep of SAD with the Mexican band



28 November 2010

Mexican label Self Mutilation Services is going to release a 7" EP of SAD entitled

" ... and his minions shall eternally reign" !

28 November 2010

Regimental Records  released a split album of SAD with the American horde Sapthuran

29 August 2010 

Fourth album of Sad , entitled "Abandoned and Forgotten"

has been released through Old Temple Records on CD!

26 May 2010      

First Sad's T-Shirt was released by Thor's Hammer Productions!

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